A heart of openness. This seems to be the lesson I am to learn in this season. A heart that’s really, really open. Open to the thought of things not going the way that I imagined. Open to things not turning out exactly the way that I preplanned in my head. The thought that maybe, just maybe God has something else out there for me. A different assignment that will further prepare me for my ultimate purpose in this life. I’ve noticed that a lot of times we cheat ourselves out of some amazing experiences simply because we aren’t open. We walk into our careers and get settled in them and slowly but surely just close our hearts and minds off to the possibility of there being something else out there in the years to come.We make up in our minds that because we are “good” at what we are doing, its enough to keep us satisfied. If nothing else, I am learning (the hard way) that it is important to have a heart of openness. Open to something new, something better, and much more fulfilling than what  I had just gotten so comfortable and complacent in. So comfortable that  I didn’t even leave my heart open to Him showing up or supplying in a new way. So now, here I am. Praying diligently for a heart of openness. Open to new things, new career options, new relationships, new beginnings. Most importantly, open to God doing a new thing in this season.

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