At a point in my life where I am truly, truly humbled and grateful for God being God. Humbled to repentance for my tendencies to place myself in the judging seat and to have judged others harshly and wrongly on so many occasions. A lot of times I can make up in my mind how others should be and how they should treat me (and others) and when they disappoint I am so very quick to point out exactly where they got me messed up. Making up in my mind that because of their actions, I should respond a certain way in order to teach them a lesson and so on and so forth. But if I were to really be put in the judging seat and be told to make a choice between this person or that person etc, I would not have the capacity to do so. I wouldn’t trust my own judgment ( to be completely honest) and then there would also be a high chance of my emotions and “how I feel” playing a part in my decision, which would then make the whole thing null in void. Simply because, how we feel or our emotions can be misleading and is tied too closely to our flesh which is at war with our spirit. That would make my decision making skills bias. Bias to my emotions, bias to my previous thoughts concerning their choices, bias to what I may want in that particular situation. Which is completely opposite of our God. God is so mighty and so magnificent in all of His ways. He is all powerful and so sovereign. When faced with a task or when He sees His children experiencing something, He isn’t like us and getting caught up in emotions and acting out of them but judging soundly and moving on our behalf. I think of myself in some situations when I hear of someone I love going through something terrible. There are times where hearing their sorrow and grief brings me to tears and weighs me down so heavily that I can’t properly respond. And if I happen to cry a good cry, then it’s over. But in those moments I am thankful for the reassurance of the sovereignty of our Father. So many times, mid cry, I have found myself thanking Him for how He can and will work things out. God won’t get caught up in His emotions and be thrown off, He won’t become overwhelmed with the task to the point of letting fear take over. He won’t condemn us for our sins. He won’t run away from what seems to be too grand of a problem to solve. He is mighty and He is faithful. Even when we are not, for He cannot disown Himself. He is not tied to how we feel or what others say or do but completely to His word and His word alone. I will openly admit that I fail daily in my faithfulness to praying and interceding for those in my life. If I were the god I try to be from time to time, who knows where the people in my life would be. It is by far the most amazing feeling ever to be able to sit back and let our God be God. To cry with those who are crying and know that all is well and will be well in the end. We serve a God who sits high and looks low and is so very attentive to His children. So, let’s be mindful of just how good we have it. To be able to trust in Him, yield control over to Him and see Him do some amazing work in our hearts and the hearts of those around us. Let’s daily make it a point to thank God for being God and for being SO good.

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