“If you lead with fear, you will most likely fail”
I mean just think of the truth in that! I have stories for daysssss of how I allowed fear to lead me and then wreck some beautiful moments and even relationships in my life. I can recall all the things I didn’t do or say because I let fear lead me to close my mouth or cower back. So many moments now that I don’t even properly love the people I’ve been assigned to simply because of FEAR. The fear of rejection. The fear of putting myself out there only to have my genuineness taken for granted. The fear of being judged for the tender heart that I have. But in all those situations, I’ve learned the hard way that If I keep letting fear lead and fear rule, I will never ever evolve into the woman God is molding me to be and I REFUSE to allow that to happen! I’ll never be the bold woman of God that I know I’m meant to be. I’ll never finish assignments well and I honestly won’t ever receive the healing that is waiting for me. For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love (2 Tim.1:7). This scripture is something I know and have known in my heart of hearts but that common knowledge and sense just doesn’t kick in like it needs to when I need it. I say all of that to say that I am now challenging myself to not lead with fear but with love. In moments where it calls for me to maybe be vulnerable, put myself out there, or maybe even just do something that freaks me out, I choose power and I choose love. I choose to not be timid. I choose to not be a lil’ punk (for lack of better words lol). To rebuke fear when it surfaces, and to let the love of Christ lead me. Because I am a witness to the fact that if you lead with fear, you will most defleee fail!

One thought on “If you lead with fear..

  1. YES! This right here…
    I had to learn to harness it and make it work for me. ALL of it, the good and bad, serve the light.


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