As the year closes, if I could leave any piece of advice to the women in my life it would be: pray girl, pray. Over the past year or so this line has literally become something that I say to myself on a daily. In fact if you were to peek into my prayer journal you  would see page after page of this very line, followed by a list of all the things I need to be praying about. I even go so far as to say it out loud in random moments where I recognize that prayer is the only solution for the issue at hand. When things go wrong, pray girl pray. When the enemy TRIES it, pray girl pray. When someone sees me walking in peace and joy and desperately attempts to disrupt it, pray GIRL pray. Trust me, I haven’t always been diligent in my prayers. I’ve always known the need and even felt the tugging to pray in a lot of situations but I have always struggled with disobedience in that. But here I am, a couple rough (and I do mean ROUGH) storms later and it finally fully clicks in me that I need to pray far more diligently than I have been. I need to be far more intent on covering everything  in my life (good or bad) in prayer. When anxiety tries to creep up, I pray. When I am confused, I pray. When things become unsettled around me and I want to worry, I pray. When the enemy tries to overwhelm me and make me feel disqualified for what God has for me, I pray. When weakness tries to mentor my thoughts, I pray. HARD. Prayer is the key to peace of mind and our breakthroughs. It’s a privilege and should not be taken lightly. As women of God our prayers have the power to move mountains and stop the enemy at the gate. We really don’t have the time to be slacking in our prayer life. Pray girl. Pray!

One thought on “Pray girl, pray

  1. Was truly blessed by the reminder to pray without ceasing, Praying for any and everything and not allowing our flesh to prohibit us from taking that moment to pray.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


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