In light of me walking into this new year and season focused, it has been my daily prayer to grow in better discerning distractions. I can look back and see that most of the negative things that have happened to me lately were literally meant to distract me and cause me to lose focus. When they first began coming my way I’ll admit I was missing them all. From family dischord to random (and annoying) car troubles,  I was just being carried away in my emotions with it all.

Eventually I caught up with what the enemy was lowkey up to and readjusted my focus. In doing so I realized that it wasn’t enough to not let the distractions distract me, but I also needed to be praying and asking God to help me discern the distractions as quickly as they came. I needed to be alert and paying close attention to the big and little things that would happen to me or around me that would attempt to agitate my mind or emotions and rebuke them. That didnt mean that I ignored whatever it was or its importance. However it did mean that I would acknowlege it, pray about it, and then turn my focus back to the bigger picture or more important things.

In doing this I also saw that some things really didn’t even deserve an emotional reaction out of me at all. I simply needed to just keep reiterating my trust in God over the situation and keep it moving. Most times we can get way too carried away and distracted by problems that are minor in comparison to what God is trying to do in our lives.

I believe that He is calling alot of us to be more disciplined in focusing on Him and not sweating the small stuff. It’s time to be more serious than ever about discerning distractions quickly because when you think about it that’s the only way the enemy can really get ahold of us and have his way.

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