This week’s gem of wisdom is very short and simple. God is greater than any and every thing that you could ever come up against in your life.

He is greater than any storm that you think is going to overtake you. He is stronger than any sin that you think is too tempting to not give into. He is bigger than anxiety and depression and mighty enough to deliver you from it. He is gracious enough to cover you in His love and lift you from that low place. He is faithful enough to tear down the lies of the enemy and restore you. He is patient enough to remind you of all the things He says about you in His word and committed to helping you walk in that truth daily.

Fine time for me to really grab ahold of this truth and walk in it but, better late than never. Although I have known this to be true and read of it in the word, I’ve found that it most times takes that knowledge coupled with a few experiences in the valley to really grasp that gem of wisdom and know it to be true for me. So now here I am, at the end of a couple rough storms, declaring this to whom it may concern and to those who may need to be reminded like I did. 

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