In the world of planting, good soil takes extensive preparation. From the adding of healthy matter to the continuous working and removal of debri; the work must be put forth to gain good fertile soil. Good fertile soil being capable of producing an abundance of crops.

I’d like to think that this same concept can be very relevant and similar to us as vessels for God. Many times we are wanting and waiting for God to reveal to us our purpose and plant dreams in us all the while not having the proper “soil” or environment to even receive them properly nor handle them correctly. We can even have so much debri in our hearts that there’s no real room for planting anyway. I say all of this because I am now well into a new season and realizing that while I may have just walked out of a season that broke me, it was necessary. In that season God revealed to me the holes in my faith in Him and all that was in me that wasn’t like Him. He also made it VERY clear that all that gunk had ta-go!! To me it felt like He was uprooting things left and right and I despised that process sooooo much.

Until I realized what was really going on of course.

I began to see what He was truly doing, why I had to endure certain hardships. I also began to see how it was in fact changing me and making my heart more fertile for the planting of bigger and better Kingdom things. In those dark moments I was running to God and allowing Him to heal me and direct me on how to let go of the ugly stuff and make room for more of His truth and love. In return, He began to reveal to me a clearer vision of my purpose. He also began to remind me of dreams He had planted in me long ago. Dreams that I had allowed to be choked out by all the negative things I once harbored in my heart throughout time.

He even began planting new dreams in my heart, now that I finally had a good fertile environment that wouldn’t abort or choke them out.

So, to anyone who can relate, I encourage you to stick to the process. Let God work the soil of your heart and remove all that debri. Continue to lay at His feet and let Him change you from the inside and produce good soil for planting; soil that’s gonna produce a beautiful abundance of crops for the kingdom in due time.

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