The act of showing up can be found at the core of the strongest realtionships that one might have in their life. Although at first some might find it hard to even explain, once some deep thinking occurs most people can readily identify the people in their life who have shown up for them and in doing so made a huge difference in their relationship. When I speak of showing up,  I am talking about being present in the lives of those you care for by bearing witness to their pain, life experiences, and then letting them know that they are not alone by bearing their burdens with them.

The thing is, while this act may sound simple, it can honestly be pretty difficult for some and a growing experience for most. It requires a great deal of intuition, empathy, generosity and a true willingness to be vulnerable. Showing up isn’t something that just happens, it takes intentionality & effort. It also requires that one intentionally shows up for themselves FIRST.

This is where I ran into my biggest challenge.

For so long, I operated in a manner that consisted of me being there and showing up for others better than I could for myself. I could intentionaly be there for them, love on them and encourage them better than I did myself. It was hard a lesson to learn that getting to know myself and tending to my mental and physical health first is what made me better at doing so for others. Showing up for myself is what would truly allow for me to be a more present friend, sister, daughter and in the long run prevent resentment, one-sided relationships and even burnout. Showing up for myself is what will aid in me being able to figure out how showing up for people should look like which would lead to me being successful at doing so.

So, I said all of this to stress the importance of this very necessary act and it’s aid in creating a well balanced relational life. I’ve had my eyes opened wide to the power of showing up. Simply being present for yourself and others can make a great difference in yours and their mental and emotional well being. In doing so, it also gives us the ability to bring healing to those we care for through our geuinine and intentional act of love.

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