This morning as I prayed, my heart was overwhelmed with so much gratitude. Gratitude for God, His sacraficial love and just what it accomplished on the cross and continues to accomplish in our lives everyday. Grateful for this love that presently keeps covering, healing, and restoring me day by day.

In the last post, I expressed the importance of allowing the Holy Spirit to clear out the cache of our hearts in order to allow the goodness of what is to come to come within. With this clearing, I’ve learned, comes the then need for healing of those hurting places followed by restoration. Restoration of joy, peace, and our outlook on the world that has hurt us so much. Since allowing the clearing of the cache, God’s unconditional love has come into my heart literally like a rushing wind and brought so much healing to those hurting places. I’ve seen him heal me of hurts so deep I could barely talk about it because I couldn’t bare to face them. I then saw Him come in and restore a new and right spirit within me as well as restore my vision of Him as Abba Father, me as His beloved daughter, and others as His children who fall short just as I do.

The journey of the healing and restoring has, of course, not been without many tears but it has been full of so much goodness.

I’ve shared this just to reiterate and remind anyone who has forgotten, of the God we serve and just how powerful recieving His love can be for our healing processes. His love is pure, patient, kind and NEVER self seeking. It always protects & perseveres with us. This pure love brings much healing and much restoring. This love covers every sin we could ever commit and can cleanse us day by day. This love comes in and heals the deepest of hurts and restores beyond what we’ve lost. Healing and restoration is ours when we choose to believe and recieve the love of Christ. It comes into the darkest places and brings a light that can flush out all of the ugly and clear up space for His love. His love silences insecurities & fear and heals every wound we could ever endure.

My prayer for us as God’s children is that we can accept this love and allow it to cover us daily so that we might walk in healing and see God restoring so many things. A healed & restored trust in Him. A healed perspective of Him as Abba Father. And a healed and renewed mind that is fixed on heavenly things. When we truly accept Christ’s love,  He is faithful to heal & restore us as if it (whatever your “it” is)  has never happened.


“He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds” ~Psalm 147:3





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