As I sat and prayed one night, I sat in silence for some time just thinking. Thinking of the ways that I believe I have fallen short in many moments in the last couple of weeks. Even at one point feeling hopeless about some of them as if I had somehow ruined a good thing that God had blessed me with. 

But as I sat and entertained these thoughts, I was reminded of all that occurred in the garden of Eden so long ago. I was reminded of how Adam and Eve had then fallen short and I was also reminded of God’s response. His response that maybe seemed extreme to most people with Him casting them out of the garden. While it seemed harsh to have read about Him casting His own creation, His own children out of the garden, while it wasn’t the most comforting thing but it was definitely necessary. Imagine if they were able to now eat from the tree of life (the tree that would allow them to live) after they fell; they would have remained in their autonomous state and continued to live with shame and the chaos that sin brings. It was necessary to save and protect them from their own sinful nature and from remaining in the state they were in. God did what He had to do to keep them from remaining in their disobedient state. 

The reason this was so comforting to me was because it reminded me of just how committed our Holy Heavenly Father has been to us since the beginning. Committed to not only make us in His image but to also take whatever action was needed in order to essentially save us from our sinful tendencies when needed. And even now He is doing just that. When we fall short, He intervenes. He deals with us in such gentle ways and disciplines us where it is needed in order to STILL save us from ourselves and keep us from remaining in a state that is not beneficial for who we are in Him. Even now He is making us new day by day and revealing our hearts to us gradually. He is allowing us to see ourselves and even our need for Him as our Father and Jesus as our savior. Our God loves us so much that He will do whatever it takes to keep us connected to Him. Oh how comforting it is to know that even now, just like He did back then, God is redeeming the things that we ourselves ruin with our own sinful tendencies. How amazing it is to even be able to lean into and take refuge in our Heavenly Father.  He is fighting for us and standing up for who we will be, even when we fall short and are not doing so ourselves. 

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