Sitting and reflecting over this past year tonight has filled me with a
plethora of emotions. Thoughts of all that has occurred comes to mind and
brings with it huge waves of emotions. Some good and some that bring me to
tears. Thinking not just of all the events that have occurred or even the
losses I’ve experienced, but even more about God’s role in it all. I’m reminded
of how at the start of the year, I sat with joy and expectancy of seeing God and some of His specific attributes more clearly. I came in expecting to see Him
as restorer while also continuing to see Him as my provider. With this, I went
throughout the year looking to truly see Him show up and prove Himself faithful
in these areas even more. Fast forward to now & although I’ve most
certainly seen Him so much clearer, I still have this feeling that there is
still more to be seen. And as I reflected over the past year, there are still
many prayers that have yet to be answered. There are still questions that I am
pleading for answers to and still today, I am desperate for clarity on why
certain things played out the way they did.


With all of these loose ends, it became tempting to let doubt begin to
settle and lose hope. But before any thoughts as such could settle and take
root in my mind, I was reminded of the truth that regardless of it all, God is
still God and He is worthy of my praise.


With that my mind shifted to a deep place of assurance, as I meditated on
the one thing that is certain. That one thing is that because He is faithful,
it will come. The victory over the various trials you’re experiencing, WILL
come. The clarity to what has been troubling your mind, will come. The answers
to your prayers, according to His will, will come. And please believe, the
healing that you have been desperately seeking Him for, is coming. My
suggestion on what to do until it arrives is simple…praise Him.

Until it all comes to pass, posture your heart properly and praise Him.

Dwell in His presence and worship Him for who He is despite the trials and
hardships. Praise Him for how He plans to take that loss and work it for your
good.  Right now it’s imperative that you set your eyes on Him in all His faithfulness, until it all comes to pass. There is more to our lives that goes beyond our day-to-day experiences and what we have been through. While it’s tempting to get lost in the busyness of it all
and lose hope, I encourage you to do the opposite. I encourage you to get lost
in praising and worshipping our Heavenly Father for who He is, until IT comes.


I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth. ~Psalm 34:1

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